Tumwater City Council Agenda Items for 9/24 Meeting

Recreational Marijuana Ordinance No. O2013-013
This is a briefing at this time for potential council consideration October 1st.
History and Facts Brief:
In the last general election, the voters of Washington passed I -502, legalizing recreational marijuana use and possession under certain prescribed amounts and allowed for the production, processing and retailing of marijuana. The Liquor Control Board (LCB) has been drafting rules to implement the initiative and expects to complete those rules and open a 30 day window for application beginning on November 18, 2013. The City Council has given general direction to prepare amendments to the zoning code to allow for the production, processing and retailing of marijuana. If Council members wish to review the initiative text and the draft rule text, they can be found at http://www.liq.wa.gov/publications/Marijuana/I-502/i502.pdf and https://lcb.app.box.com/proposed-rules respectfully. Both I-502 and the draft rules require a 1000 foot distance from schools, playgrounds, recreation centers, child care centers, public parks, public transit centers, libraries, and game arcades. This severely limits the location in which these uses can locate in Tumwater. In addition, no more than one retail outlet will be permitted in Tumwater according to the proposed Liquor Control Board rules.

Discussions and Alternatives: 

  • Adopt regulations that allow recreational marijuana in certain circumstances.
  • Adopt a prohibition on said uses based on their not being allowed by federal law.
  • Take no action.

RE: Resolution No. R2013 -014 and Interlocal Agreement with the Association of Washington Cities (AWC) Employee Benefit Trust
1) References (List only those attached)
A. September 3, 2013 letter from AWC
B. Self- Funded Health Care Program Fact Sheet
C. Proposed Resolution No. R2013 -014, and Interlocal Agreement
2) Action Requested / Staff Recommendation
This item is for discussion and will be placed on the October 1, 2013, regular Council meeting agenda. Staff recommends Council authorize signature of Resolution No. R2013 -014 and the attached Interlocal Agreement to amend this service. 3) History and Facts Brief
The Association of Washington Cities Employee Benefit Trust (AWC) is the health insurance provider for most City employees. (The exception is the Teamsters which have their own health insurance program for the Public Works maintenance crew.) AWC provides insurance to 275 entities in Washington. They have decided, in the best interest of the Trust, to move from a fully insured benefit program to a self- insured model. This will provide a number of benefits as outlined in the attached information. There will be minimal impact to employees and substantial savings, at least initially, to the City. As required by State law, each member of the AWC Trust that wishes to participate in the revised program must approve by resolution an interlocal agreement authorizing participation.

September 20, 2013/City of Tumwater Council Worksession