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NMSD School Board Meeting Highlights

From the meeting on October 17, 2013
Special Recognition
President Boad recognized the accomplishments of NMSD Transportation Department Mechanic Jerry Rowley for so ably representing himself, his department and our district in the “America’s Best” national mechanics competition. After winning the Washington State competition, Jerry took sixth place overall while having the top score in one area and a top-3 score in two other areas in the national competition. The Board applauded Jerry for his dedication to his job and for keeping our busses running with ongoing exceptional inspections. She and all of the board appreciate that he is an awesome employee and representative for North Mason School District.
Public Comments
Linda Bollock from Mason County Public Health Dept applauded North Mason School District and our Board Members for their dedication to providing wrap around services for students with extenuating difficulties so they can complete their education. Four young women with babies whom Linda has been working with were recently graduated in our district, and all four are in college or have plans to return to schooling in the near future. Staff facilitate her interaction with these young people by providing space for her and supporting the students in all ways necessary.


Enrollment Update

We budgeted for an enrollment of 2003 FTE. This includes Running Start, for whom we receive funds, but then transfer funds to the college. Based upon September and October actual enrollments, we project that our annual average enrollment (upon which our funding is based) will be 2002.47. We project that Sand Hill and HMS will be above budget, Belfair will be below budget, and NMHS, PACE and HomeLink will be on budget.  Click here to get the enrollment history chart, here for the October enrollment report.

Capital Projects

Superintendent Peterson provided an update on capital projects work.  Click here to get the latest status updates.

School Success Plans - Belfair Elementary & Sand Hill Elementary

Julie Wasserburger & Kristen Sheridan, principals of Belfair and Sand Hill Elementary schools, respectively, updated the school board about their 2013-2014 School Success Plans.

 Click here for Belfair's School Success Plan, here for Sand Hill's School Success plans

Community Linkage

The board values the opinion and input of the community and is very interested in hearing how the community views the district. The board is provided a calendar of current community meetings and events so that they have additional opportunities to interact with the community, in addition to school board meetings.

Letters From the Board

In an effort to efficiently and effectively communicate with community, the school board publishes a letter every month in the North Mason Life. Those letters are now posted on the school district web site.  Please click here to read current and past letters.

Upcoming Meetings

The Board will review the E-1 Mission and Vision statements Nov 19th from 6:00-6:30 in the North Mason School District Adminstration Boardroom.  The next regular business meeting of the Board of Directors is Tuesday, November 19, 2013.  We have gone to a paperless system and therefore there will not be any handouts at the meeting. Meeting materials are projected onto a video screen for the audience to see. The agenda and supporting documents are available by clicking here School Board Meeting Material or you may request them at the district office.

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