Cove City OutReach Looking For Financial Supporters

Cove City OutReach (CCO) Food Bank collects food and other donated items from small businesses and distributes them directly to the community and other social service programs. The items distributed by CCO reach hundreds of people throughout the city of Shelton each week. CCO will goal is to expand this highly effective program. CCO provides welfare services to reduce the hunger by providing food and other life essentials to the needy. Services are provided to low income families, children and seniors without financial or other qualifications. CCO has aligned with other community services programs such as CareNet, South Sound Freedom in Recovery, and Community Action Council TEFAP to mention a few. Our fiscal year Sept 2012-Aug 2013 CCO serviced over 3,000 families 10,076 individuals. Our sponsors reside outside Mason County. Last year our sponsors donated $170,788.74 in food. Our volunteer staff of seven (7) work 312 hours each week totally 3,744 hours for 2013. Sorting, cleaning, packing & serving our community. We received this year (2013) $5,209.89 from independent donations received outside Mason County and awarded $1,000.00 grant from United Way of Mason County. Totaling $6,209.89. CCO is faced with an substantial rent increase effective January 1st 2014 which will ultimately force the closure of the Food Bank. With our limited income we are asking for financial supporters in order to continue serving Mason County. IN SHORT WE NEED YOUR HELP SO WE MAY CONTINUE TO SERVE OUR COMMUNITY. Thank You! November 19, 2013/Press Release, CCO Frank Martinez, Shelton