June 16 - Port Of Grapeview Meeting

7PM at the Grapeview Community Center.  Comprehensive Scheme Of Harbor Improvement Update - The Commission’s Strategic Planning Advisory Committee has announced that they have completed the updated Comprehensive Scheme DRAFT and will present it to the Commissioners at their next meeting. The Commissioners will review the DRAFT and either accept the DRAFT or send it back to the SPAC for revision. When accepted, the DRAFT will be presented to the public at a future Public Hearing where our constituents can make comments.

No Wake Reminders - As the boating season ramps up please keep in mind that the No Wake Zone extends from NORTH of the Treasure Island Bridge to SOUTH of the Fair Harbor Marina. NO WAKE ZONE buoys are installed at BOTH locations.

June 18 - Change of Venue For LFD 3 Fire Commissioners Meeting

The Lacey Fire District 3 Board of Fire Commissioners will hold their regular June 18th Board meeting at Yelm High School, 1315 Yelm Ave W. The Board meeting will commence at 5:30 P.M and conclude in time for the Commissioners to attend the Thurston County Firefighter Recruit Academy and EMT class graduations. Members of the public are welcome. If you have any questions or would like additional information, please call Fire Chief Steve Brooks at 239-8593, check our website www.laceyfire.com, or find us on Facebook at Lacey Fire District Three.

Joint Citizen Advisory Committee Applications Available

On June 9, 2015 the Mason County Board of County Commissioners approved a Resolution establishing a Joint Citizen Advisory Committee of the Allyn and Belfair Urban Growth Areas for the 2016 Growth Management Act Update. Memo (PDF)

June 16 - Port of Shelton Notice of Special Meeting

The Port of Shelton Commission will meet on Tuesday, June 16, 2015 from 1:00 to 2:00 PM in the Mason County Public Works conference room at 100 W. Public Works Drive, Shelton. The purpose of the meeting is to have a briefing from Mason County Department of Emergency Management on the Washington National Guard’s earthquake exercise Evergreen Tremor being conducted at Sanderson Field, from June 19 to 24, 2015. The Port of Shelton Commission Meeting will change their meeting time for this week only to allow for commissioners to attend the briefing. The regular Port Commission meeting will begin at 2:30PM on Tuesday, June 16, 2015 Questions should be directed to the Port of Shelton, 360.426.1151.