Electric Vehicle Parking Now Available in Downtown Olympia

Two new level-two electric vehicle chargers replaced two parking meters at City Hall on Cherry Street. The charger provides another great option for Electric Vehicle (EV) owners. The site offers a 3-hour time limit, providing a short term charging option for EV users; with a low $1 per hour charging fee.

Paul Hanna, Fleet and Facilities Supervisor, explains, “The charger is at this location because the existing electrical infrastructure made it the most cost effective location choice for the City. Additionally the proximity to Downtown Olympia and I-5 made it a great choice.” Why ChargePoint? Paul relays, “The ChargePoint® system was a clear choice as they have the world's largest network of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in the US.”

Karen Kenneson, Parking Services Manager notes that this is just one of the ways the City is promoting alternative fuel vehicles. Not only is Olympia adding electric vehicles to their pool car fleet, the charger is adjacent to City Hall, a LEED Gold certified building. She is proud that Parking Services can help provide another clean energy source option for Downtown visitors and City Hall customers.

Kenneson also wants to ensure that customers are aware that EV parking is managed much like disabled parking. Like disabled parking, EV parking is covered by a State RCW (46.08.185) and carries a fine of $124 if not hooked up to the charger. She relays; “The City will be taking extra steps to ensure signage is clear prior to issuing tickets. But drivers should NOT park in the two EV stalls unless they are driving an electric vehicle AND are plugging in.”

Have questions about EV parking? Feel free to contact Parking Services at 360.753.8017.

February 4, 2014/City of Olympia Public Notice

Theler Community Center and Wetlands Upcoming Meetings

Public Safety Meeting:  Feb. 7, 7PM at the Theler Community Center. Sheriff Casey Salisbury and Chief Ryan Spurling will be discussing the new Belfair Sheriff's Office and what it means to our area then Fire District #2 Chief Beau Bakken will be discussing the new Fire Authority and the changes being made in including the Tahuya region.
Finance Essentials For Non-Profits:  FEB 5, 10:00AM at Theler Community Center. Learn more about correct financial practices for Non-Profits Designed for Board Members, Accountants, and Staff. To learn more click on this link:  Non-Profit Financials  
For more information on either of these events call Theler Community Center and Wetlands at 275-4898
February 4, 2014/ Theler Community Center and Wetlands Public Notice

Practice Burn Feb. 6 On Pickering Rd.

Central Mason Fire will be conducting a Training Burn at 541 Pickering Rd on 2/8/14 starting at 9:00 AM. The purpose of the Training Burn is to practice Firefighter skills and to maintain proficiency. Practice burns are a very controlled evolution to ensure life safety of all participants and to minimally impact surrounding citizens. All participating apparatus will be off of the road. Training will be conducted interior of the structure. Once interior operations are complete, the fire will be allowed to consume the structure. Crews will be exterior in a defensive strategy to control the evolution.

Fire operations should be complete no later than 2:00 PM.

February 3, 2014

Washington Student Achievement Council Begins Roadmap Implementation

On February 3, the Council will receive its first update on implementation of Roadmap recommendations. The 2013 Roadmap Report , a plan to increase educational attainment in Washington, was submitted to the Legislature and Governor in December 2013. The report set two statewide attainment goals and recommended 12 strategies to achieve these goals by 2023.
The Council will review the work of three committees developed to inform implementation of Roadmap recommendations:

  • Committee for Academic Affairs and Policy.
  • Committee for Student Support.
  • Committee for Funding and Affordability.
  • Committee members will meet throughout 2014.

The Council will also review progress on the Roadmap communication plan and legislative efforts. Tim Wilson, Apprenticeship Program Manager at Department of Labor and Industries, will present an overview of the apprenticeship process.
The meeting will be held at the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges in Olympia and is scheduled from 12:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. in the Cascade Room.
Materials will be available online the day of the meeting.

January 30, 2014