Blue Angels Return

blueangelsAs the Blue Angels return to Seattle for Seafair, so do Interstate 90 bridge closures. The state Department of Transportation is reminding motorists that the I-90 bridge over Lake Washington will be closed as the Blue Angels practice twice on Thursday and once on Friday. Thursday's first closure starts at 9:45 a.m. and ends at noon.


58 Year Old Female Drowns In Nisqually River

On July 26, 2014 at 4:53 pm, Fire Personnel and TCSO Deputies were dispatched to the Nisqually River for two subjects in the water and in distress. Prior to arrival of Medics or Law Enforcement, both people were removed from the river. A 14 year old male was not injured; however, a 58 year old female was transported to St. Peter Hospital and later passed away. The grandmother and grandson were floating on inner tubes down the Nisqually River when witnesses heard some sort of commotion on the river and observed the two people in the river, hanging on a snag. The male was able to make his way to the shore on the north side of the river. The female lost her grip from the snag and floated further down the river where she was seen getting caught on a root-ball of a downed tree.


Troopers Arrest Police Impersonator

Troopers responding to a 911 call regarding a possible police impersonator early Monday morning (1:55 A. M) located and stopped the suspect and vehicle a short time later in north Kitsap County on SR 305 near Poulsbo. WSP Bremerton Communications received a call from a motorist traveling east on the Hood Canal Bridge. The caller said a Ford F250 truck had attempted to pull them over using red and blue emergency lights and once pulled over, passed them, running a red light at SR3 and SR104. The caller was able to report a license plate number which enabled the WSP to find the truck within 15 minutes and initiate a felony traffic stop.

The driver of the truck, Trevor A. Schwarz, 21 of Poulsbo was immediately taken into custody. Troopers found a fully loaded H&K .40 caliber pistol under the driver’s seat (the suspect did not have a concealed weapons permit) and the red & blue emergency lights. The suspect admitted to using the emergency lights because the vehicle in front was driving too slowly and then running the red light so the other driver couldn’t report him. A similar scene happened on June 25, and the suspect admitted to using his lights to make a car pull over and then sped pass, running a red light.

Schwarz was arrested and booked into Kitsap County jail on charges of Criminal Impersonation and Unlawful Carrying of Weapon. Bail set at $45,000.

Bremerton - July 28, 2014

$50 Million: Cost of WA Wildfires

helicoptercarlsonThe cost of fighting this season's wildfires in Washington, including the largest one in the state's history, has crossed the $50 million mark. Bolstered by the nearly 400-square-mile wildfire in north-central Washington, this year's wildfire season has been widespread, with dozens of fires burning at the same time. So far, estimates put the cost of fire suppression at just over $50 million. Latest Fire Satus Update.(PDF)


3rd Clark Co. Bridge Over Columbia River Revealed

A concept for a proposed third bridge over the Columbia River in Clark County has been revealed. The Vancouver Columbian reports the proposed bridge, championed by Clark County Commissioner David Madore, would cross the Columbia River at Highway 14 in Vancouver, jog to the west slightly, cross Government Island and connect to Northeast Airport Way in Oregon. The bridge would feature four lanes for motor vehicles and two covered lanes for bike and foot traffic. A third bridge has long been considered as an option to relieve congestion between the two states. Madore has been an opponent of revamping the Interstate 5 river crossing, a two-state plan that is moribund after Washington lawmakers balked at authorizing money. That bridge plan includes light rail and cost an estimated $2.9 billion, but would include federal money. At an estimated $860 million, Madore says a third bridge is a common sense approach to relieving congestion. VANCOUVER, Wash. (AP) – July 28, 2014

Washington State Stands Alone On US Education Law

Education Secretary Arne Duncan's plan to give schools a break from student testing mandates in the federal No Child Left Behind law appears to be working in 42 states and the District of Columbia. When this past school year began, four states were in danger of losing their waivers from aspects of the law. But only one has actually lost the flexibility Duncan began promoting in 2011: Washington. The waivers are considered a temporary measure while Duncan works with Congress to rewrite No Child Left Behind. Duncan has told Washington that it can regain its waiver if it changes its teacher evaluation system to make student achievement on statewide academic tests one of the rating factors. The state teacher's union and some lawmakers say the government is asking too much. SEATTLE (AP) – July 28, 2014

Boeing CEO Apologizes For 'Cowering' Remark

Boeing CEO Jim McNerney has apologized for a remark describing the aerospace giant's employees as "cowering" during his tenure. The Seattle Times reports that McNerney said the remark during a Wednesday call with analysts after he was asked if he's thinking about retiring after he turns 65 next month. McNerney said he won't retire because "the heart will still be beating, the employees will still be cowering." In an apology on Friday, McNerney says the remark was a "joke gone bad." Boeing employees and union leaders didn't find it funny. Machinists' District 751 president Jon Holden describes the remarks as a new low in relations between the company and its workers. McNerney sent out a company-wide apology. SEATTLE (AP) – July 28, 2014