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Credit, Debit Card Security Tips For Consumers

onlineshoppingSeaTac, WA -- A survey by the Credit Union National Association and the Consumer Federation of America indicates 97% of Americans plan to buy gifts this season, and 60% of them plan to spend at least as much money as they did last year.
Millions of consumers will use their credit or debit cards for convenience. They can shop with confidence by following these simple security safety tips offered by Northwest credit unions:

In-store purchases:
* EMV chip cards provide an extra layer of security when you buy on site (not online). Not all merchants have caught up with this technology trend. Ask the merchant if they have the chip system in place. If they don't yet support it, use your card but continue to monitor your transactions daily.
* Take advantage of your credit union's online account monitoring services. Report any suspicious activity to your credit union immediately.
* Be sure your card is returned following each purchase and that it is indeed your card.
* Wait for the card receipt. Never leave it at the checkout counter; and keep receipts with you, not in your shopping bags.
* Check your statements and watch for multiple or incorrect charges. Compare receipts to your account statements, and then destroy your receipts.
* Report unauthorized transactions to your credit union immediately.
* Keep a list of your card account numbers and telephone numbers to call if your cards are lost or stolen. Keep that list in a secure place.
* Make sure you have signed your credit and debit cards. Do not write your PIN on the card!
* When entering your PIN, block the keypad from the view of the cashier or other customers.
* Know that your PIN can be stolen in other ways. There is a heat signature left on non-metal keypads for several minutes after you use it. Infrared cameras installed on Smartphones can be used to measure this heat signature and obtain your PIN. Stop this fraud by resting your fingers on other keys while typing in your PIN.
* Running your card as credit rather than debit is another way of protecting your PIN.

Online Shopping: Use a Secure Internet Connection.
* Do not use public wireless networks for online purchases.
* Shop on sites with https:// in the URL, and be sure that an icon with a lock appears to the left. The "s" stands for "secure" and indicates communication with that site is encrypted.
* Type the merchant's address directly into your browser; avoid links.
* Use complicated passwords with at least eight characters. Include numbers, special characters and upper and lower case numbers.
* Keep the antivirus and security software updated on your computers and mobile devices.
* We recommend that you don't store your payment information. Many websites or apps let you store your credit and debit card information for convenience, but this might also be too convenient for thieves.
* Do not respond to pop ups, and do not share card information via email or texts.
* Set up payment and purchase alerts via text and email. If you notice suspicious activity, notify your credit union immediately.

By diligently following these safety precautions, consumers can shop with confidence and enjoy a happy holiday season free from fraud and identity theft. If you suspect your account has been compromised, contact your credit union immediately for assistance.

November 27, 2015 - News Release from Northwest Credit Union Association

Friday Broadcast on KMAS

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applecupAPPLE CUP – WSU Cougars @ UW Huskies
10:30 AM Pregame
12:30 PM Kickoff



All the football games will be aired on KMAS 1030AM & 103.3FM only. Streaming online at will have previously played programs during the special holiday broadcasts.

November 27, 2015


Recount Of Ballots To Be Held In Port Of Olympia District No. 3 Race

vote tabulatorsAll other elections’ results certified by county canvassing board.

OLYMPIA, WA – With only 227 votes between the two candidates for the Port of Olympia District No. 3 race, the Thurston County Auditor’s Office will by law do a recount of all 60,872 votes cast.

Elizabeth (E.J.) Zita  leads Jerry Farmer by the 227 votes.

According to Thurston County Auditor Mary Hall, the small vote difference puts the race in machine counting range. Hall said, “Close races remind us that every single vote matters. It’s a lesson I hope voters will remember in all elections.”

The public is invited to attend the recount at the Ballot Processing Center (2905 29th Avenue SW, Suite E, Tumwater) on Tuesday, December 1; Wednesday, December 2; and Thursday, December 3.

A hand recount is done when the difference between two candidates is less than 150 votes and less than one quarter of one percent. A machine recount is done when the difference is less than 2,000 votes and less than one half of one percent. No other races meet recount criteria.

November 25, 2015 – KMAS Newsradio

Thursday Broadcast On KMAS

gameday2015NFL games are as much a part of Thanksgiving as turkey, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie. This year's holiday features a mouth-watering tripleheader of games with playoff implications.
6AM Pregame (all times Pacific Standard Time)
9:00 AM Philadelphia Eagles @ Detroit Lions
1:00 PM Carolina Panthers @ Dallas Cowboys
5:00 PM Chicago Bears @ Green Bay Packers

Check out the video – Why we play football on Thanksgiving
And you can find the history of your favorite teams here.


All the football games will be aired on KMAS 1030AM & 103.3FM only. Streaming online at will have previously played programs during the special holiday broadcasts.

November 26, 2015 KMAS Newsradio

Thurston County Commissioner Blake On Daybreak

Bud BlakeThurston County Commissioner Bud Blake came by Daybreak Wednesday morning to talk about an inter-agency agreement between Thurston and Mason counties.  Bud also talked about Thurston Thrives and the action teams associated with that program.  To learn more about Thurston Thrives check out,


Crews Work Around The Clock To Restore Power In Western Washington

treesdown 112415SEATTLE (AP) - Utility officials say crews worked through the night and brought in more teams to support restoration efforts in Kitsap County. There were more than 40,000 customers without electricity after another  windstorm swept across the Pacific Northwest Tuesday night.

PSE reported they have restored power to more than 75,000 customers throughout their service area since since 11 AM on Tuesday. They reported Wednesday, as of 5:30 AM, there were more than 130 outage locations in the Kitsap area impacting approximately 18,000 customers.

The gusts over 50 mph on Tuesday felled trees and power lines and mostly affected the Kitsap Peninsula.

Tuesday's wind gusts were unrelated to a storm last week in eastern Washington. Crews in the Spokane area are still trying to restore power to about 20,000 customers affected by the damaging weather Nov. 17.

Avista Utilities in Spokane warned that as many as 5,000 customers in hard-hit areas might not have power back on Thanksgiving.

November 25, 2015

Photo from PSE twitter account

Seattle Police Release Video Of Cleaning Crew's Rough Arrest

SEATTLE (AP) - State and federal prosecutors say Seattle police officers involved in the rough arrest of four Mexican family members in 2010 will not face criminal charges.

The Seattle Times reports ( ) that the four relatives were working as a cleaning crew and leaving a bank when officers pulled up looking for two men who had been kicked out of a nearby bar. In a patrol-car video released by Seattle police Tuesday, the officers approach two men in a car and ignore or ridicule their claims that they don't speak English.

A confrontation began as the driver's wife and another man exited the bank. One officer, David Bauer, punched the driver, Rufino Ocampo Estrada, more than a dozen times. All four relatives were arrested. The city settled a lawsuit brought by Ocampo Estrada's wife in 2013 for $25,000.

Chief Kathleen O'Toole learned of the video in May and referred the case for possible criminal charges.

The prosecutors said the video did not provide enough evidence for felony assault charges. Bauer is on leave pending administrative review.

November 25, 2015

Information from: The Seattle Times,