New Democratic Contender In Key Senate Race

There's a new Democratic candidate in the race for the seat being vacated by Senate Majority Leader Rodney Tom. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reported Monday that former Kirkland Mayor Joan McBride, a Democrat who originally announced she was running against the Democratic leader of the predominantly Republican Majority Coalition Caucus, has bowed out of the 48th District Senate race and will be running for the House instead. She made the move after several Democrats pushed for Rep. Cyrus Habib, a Democrat from Bellevue, to be the Democratic candidate for the Senate seat. McBride is now running for Habib's House seat. Last week, Tom announced that he was dropping his re-election bid, citing family and health issues. A Republican candidate has not yet announced for the seat. Tom, along with fellow Democrat Tim Sheldon of Potlach, helped Republicans take control of the Senate after the formation of the new coalition at the end of 2012. The coalition currently holds a 26-23 majority in the Senate. About half of the Senate is up for re-election in November. April 22, 2014/AP