Man Rescued From Sinking Car At Bremerton Park

car water BPDUPDATE from Bremerton Police Department: An 88-year-old man suffering a medical emergency drove into Sinclair Inlet Thursday at a Bremerton park. The Bremerton man was rescued by boaters, police and a firefighter. Police say he's in intensive care at Harrison Medical Center.

Bremerton Police Officer John Bogen and Bremerton Firefighter Alex Magallon arrived first to the shore at the park, and observed the car completely underwater in about 10 feet of water, approximately 30 feet from the shore. Bogen and Magallon went into the water. At the same time, there were two boats in Sinclair Inlet being tested by employees of SAFE Boats, a Bremerton-based marine manufacturer. The boats are being built for the Coast Guard and the Colombian Coast Guard. Two SAFE Boats employees, Jon Watkins and Jenson Charnell, saw the car go in, immediately responded, and both went into the water to assist.

Firefighter Magallon had taken an axe with him, which he used to break the window on the car. The SAFE Boats employees assisted in cutting the seat belt, and the four rescuers removed the man from the driver’s seat, pulled him to the shore, and along with responding Bremerton Detective Aaron Elton, began CPR.

Bremerton Police Lt. Pete Fisher arrived, and he and Firefighter Magallon swam back out to the car to check for additional passengers. None were located. The man was taken by ambulance to Harrison Hospital, where he has been joined by his wife and is in the ICU. Firefighter Magallon sustained cuts during the rescue and is being treated at Harrison Hospital.

Bremerton Patrol, Detectives and Traffic Units are completing the investigation at the scene. The car was pulled from the water with the assistance of the Suquamish Tribal Police Dive Team and the Bainbridge Island Police Marine Unit.

“This man is still alive because of the quick action and heroism shown this morning by Bremerton Firefighters, Police Officers and employees at SAFE Boats”, said Bremerton Police Chief Steve Strachan. There is nothing is nothing at this time to indicate that the reason for the accident was anything other than a medical emergency


May 8, 2014/KMAS

IMAGE/courtesy of Bremerton PD FB and Press Release/Top Image: Suquamish PD Dive Team and Bainbridge Is PD Marine assisting with getting vehicle from water

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