Climbers Bodies Retrieved From Mount Rainier

mtrainierrmay31UPDATE:  3 Bodies Recovered From Mount Rainier Identified - The Pierce County medical examiner has identified the bodies of three climbers recovered this week from Mount Rainier. They were part of a party of six who vanished on the Washington state peak last May. They were identified Friday as 40-year-old Uday Marty, 40-year-old John Mullally and 26-year-old Mark Mahaney.

The six, all experienced mountaineers, included two guides and four climbers. They vanished in the last week of May on a technical, dangerous and little-used route up Liberty Ridge. Authorities believe they fell 3,300 feet on the 14,410-foot volcano. Marty was a vice president and managing director of Intel in Southeast Asia who was based in Singapore. Mullally was a Seattle mountain climber. Mahaney was from St. Paul, Minnesota. A helicopter equipped with a special mechanical claw plucked the bodies off a glacier at one of the most treacherous spots on the mountain in an area pummeled by falling ice and rocks. The bodies of the two guides and remaining climber have not been found. TACOMA, Wash. (AP) – August 23, 2014

Previous Story The National Park Service says the bodies of three climbers have been retrieved from a glacier on Mount Rainier in the same area where six went missing in May. A crew on a training flight this month spotted the bodies in an avalanche debris field after they were exposed by melting snow. Working with park rangers, NorthWest Helicopters used a remote-controlled grabbing device mounted from a 100-foot long line to lift the bodies off the Carbon Glacier.

The area was considered too treacherous to reach on foot. There was no sign of the three other climbers. The Park Service says confirmation on the identities will come from the Pierce County medical examiner. Authorities believe the two guides and four climbers fell 3,300 feet as they took a technical route to the top of the volcano southeast of Seattle. MOUNT RAINIER NATIONAL PARK, Wash. (AP) – August 20, 2014 IMAGE/ National Park Service photo shows the area where the climbers fell on Mount Rainier (5/ 31/14) KOMONews