Experts Board Costa Concordia for First Time Since Shipwreck

b_250_0_16777215_00_images_obgrabber_2014-01_f46e3fc8e0.jpgLaura Lezza/Getty Images (ROME) -- For the first time since the Costa Concordia cruise ship crashed off the coast of Italy two years ago, experts have climbed aboard the shipwreck to look for evidence of what exactly happened that night. Along with investigators were judges and lawyers involved in the trial of Capt. Francesco Schettino, who stands accused of manslaughter and abandoning ship.  Schettino's defense team is hoping to find evidence of a mechanical problem, to help get the captain off the hook.

Among the items examined were computers, the ship's automatic pilot and its hard-disk.  All items have been severely damaged by sea water and risk being useless to either the defense or prosecution.

The Costa Concordia sank onto its side after hitting a reef off of the small island of Giglio on Jan. 13, 2012.  In all, 32 people died.

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