Russia Works to Finish Preparations for Sochi Olympic Games

b_250_0_16777215_00_images_obgrabber_2014-02_63d80c08e2.jpgCameron Spencer/Getty Images (SOCHI, Russia) -- With the Sochi Olympics officially getting underway on Friday, there is still unfinished construction work that has not only left some visitors without hotel rooms, but Olympic venues, like one of the snowboard competition courses, not yet ready. Now, workers are racing against the clock to set up and make safe some of the Games' most dangerous events.

Snowboarders are demanding work be done on their new slope-style course to make it safer.  American Olympic icon Shawn White jabbed his wrist on the jump, calling the course intimidating. White says he's OK to complete, and officials say the course is fixable.  

Whether Sochi can accommodate all the visitors expected to attend the Winter Games also remains to be seen. ABC News consultant Christine Brennan says there is a shortage of hotel rooms.

"They have dozens and dozens of rooms not ready for journalists or whoever.  It's just absolutely an embarrassment," she said.

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