Bombs Kill Dozens in Baghdad

b_250_0_16777215_00_images_obgrabber_2013-08_4869e9ecdd.jpgALI AL-SAADI/AFP/Getty Images (BAGHDAD) -- It was a bloodbath in Baghdad on Wednesday with at least 80 people killed by a series of coordinated bomb attacks during the morning rush hour. Iraq's Foreign Ministry described the ten bombings targeting mainly Shiite neighborhood as "terrorist explosions."

More than 260 people were also wounded in the attacks that have renewed fears that the country is headed toward an all-out sectarian conflict not seen since 2006-2007 during the height of the Iraq war.

No one claimed responsibility for the attacks, although suspicion fell on the al Qaeda-linked Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, which are also backed by Sunni militants.

Iraq's death toll from insurgent-related violence since the beginning of the year is more than 4,100 with at least ten thousand wounded.

Much of the violence has occurred since April, following provincial elections and a government raid on a Sunni encampment that apparently refueled the insurgency.

July was the deadliest month so far in 2013 with 1,057 people killed.

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