Israeli Ambassador Diplomatically Bashes Iran Nuclear Deal

b_250_0_16777215_00_images_obgrabber_2013-11_724b0edcad.jpgScott Eells/Bloomberg via Getty Images (NEW YORK) -- Israel is trying to say it completely disagrees with a plan that temporarily freezes Iran's nuclear program without actually coming out and saying it. Interviewed by ABC News, Ambassador Ido Aharoni, Israel's Consul General in New York, stressed that his country cannot comment on internal political matters such as the six-month agreement Iran struck up Sunday with six world powers including the U.S.

However, Aharoni did tell ABC News, "Very few people are mentioning the fact that even before becoming nuclear, Iran is the number one instigator of violence in the world."

The ambassador asserted that the economic sanctions imposed by the international community have hurt Iran but even by easing them slightly, it enables the government to become more powerful, which poses a threat to the region.

The agreement with Iran also allows its scientists to keep enriching uranium, a key step in developing nuclear weapons, albeit, at a lower level.

Aharoni mused, "The question at hand is whether Iran, given the problems it presented to the entire international community, should be given the chance to produce uranium at all."

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