Seismometers To Monitor Seahawks-Saints Game

12thmannoiseEarthquake trackers are ready for the Seahawks' re-match with New Orleans on Saturday at CenturyLink Field - one of the loudest stadiums in the NFL. Pacific Northwest Seismic Network's Bill Steele said it it has installed two more seismometers for the game.

One on CenturyLink Field and one in the stands. Cheers from the field after a Marshawn Lynch touchdown three years ago against the Saints registered on a seismometer in Seattle and became known as the "beast mode" quake. Steele says scientists hope to learn how seismic waves travel through the area, but he admits it's as much about fun as science.

More information on the PNSN and athe 12th Man Noise HERE.

January 10, 201/AP and KOMO NEWS