Daybreak 2

“Of Twelves and Tens”

mariners logo NewIn one of the most surreal moments in Safeco Field history, the Seattle Mariners hosted the Seattle Seahawks for the M’s Home Opener of Major League Baseball’s 2014 Season. Well, actually the visiting team was the Los Angeles Angels. But the hometown crowd erupted when Quarterback Russell Wilson led the National Football League Champion Seahawks onto the field.

Wilson also did the honors of throwing out the traditional “first pitch”. Catching for the Mariners on that one was one King Felix Hernandez. The King and the QB shared a hug midway between the Mound and the Plate.

Last week I wrote in this column that it felt as though the Seattle Mariners might be suffering in the shadow of their Super Bowl Champion friends from across the street at the C’link. That is, Seattle’s faithful 12thers, may not be excited to be jumping on the “10th man” bandwagon for Boys of Summer. But tonight a packed house of Western Washingtonians begged to differ with the Radio Guy. Doctor J.C. humbly retracts any and all suggestion that the greatest fans in the world might be choosing to sit out Baseball season and bide their time until August brings the pigskin warriors back to the gridiron. It’s the bottom of the 3rd, and so far the Angels’ first inning three runs have gone unanswered. But with boys on the bags at first and second, Justin Smoak is standing at the plate. By the time you are reading this sentence, you will probably know how the next paragraph begins. But, this Hometown crowd came to play. Tonight your Seattle Mariners will answer the fateful question, “will they show up, or shut up?” And with a single RBI that brought the runner on second home for the first Seattle Score in Safeco this season, Justin Smoak has answered with a thwack of the wood hitting leather. And a smack over the left field wall has the score 4-3 Mariners, and that’s where it stands at the end of the third inning. I’ll check in again next week, but for now, I’m gonna sit back in my Real Radio Guy seat (With my name on it) in the Press Box behind home plate and enjoy the ride.

REACTION by G.E. Cummings, KMAS News Radio

April 8, 2014