Daybreak 2

Shelton Highclimbers Volleyball Win Mt Tahoma 3-2

highclimber with text Shelton won the first two sets rather easily 25-10 and 25-14. Both were played with confidence and "flow" that allowed the Highclimbers to pull ahead at the halfway mark. During sets 3 and 4, Shelton let Mt. Tahoma back into the match. Mt Tahoma picked up their passing but Highclimbers made it easier on them with lower quality serve and hit attacks – Highclimbers didn’t play with the same level of confidence as they did during the first two matches and at times struggled with handing the serve.

Highclimbers defense stayed the same all through the match, but it was often Mt. Tahoma’s tip attack that gave the Highclimbers trouble. Set five – serve receive really zeroed in - was great. Made it tough with 4 service errors in a 15 point set, but came out with a 16-14 win. Strong play in the middle with Cheyenne Overlin and Heather Johnson.

Kills 13 Cheyenne, 10 Kennedy, 8 Cherise
Blocks Cheyenne 4, Heather 2
Assist Kiara 35
Digs Natalie and Georgette 26, Cherise 22, Kiara 12
Serves Cheyenne 18/20 1 ace, Georgette 24/26 3 aces

September 20, 2013/Shelton Highclimbers Sports Press Release