Daybreak 2

Do You Feel Lucky Punk?

hawksbucsSeahawks find a bit of luck to bring their record to 8-1.  People often say, “I would rather be lucky than good.”  Too often this is an excuse for people who are not really good at something to be able to save face and praise the fates for allowing them to find success.  

Luck does play a part in professional sports, however.  For the Seahawks, this luck came in the form of two bad teams just at the crucial part of their season.  
Last week, the Seahawks escaped St. Louis with a 14-9 win.  The Rams had the ball on the two yard line with barely anytime on the clock.  They had been gashing the Seahawks all day with the run and it looked like a certainty that they would just run it in to the endzone and send the Seahawks home with their first divisional loss of the season.  By sheer luck, however, the Rams decided to throw the ball against a solid secondary. The ball fell to the turf and the Seahawks escaped with the win.
This week, the Seahawks faced the 0-7 Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  The Bucs shocked the league by jumping out to a 21-0 lead on the Seahawks before halftime.  The Seahawks were able to make some adjustments and scraped by the Bucks for a 27-24 victory.
So this all begs the question: are the 2013 Seattle Seahawks a good team or a lucky team?  The answer is yes.  They are both.  
In their current state, the Seahawks are surviving by luck.  The list of offensive injuries the Seahawks are dealing with is mind-boggling.  Here is the list of the starters that missed some or all of the Tampa Bay game: Percy Harvin (WR), Sidney Rice (WR), Russell Okung (OT), Breno Giacomini (OT), James Carpenter (OG), Max Unger (C), Marshawn Lynch (RB), Michael Bowie (OT).  That is eight players.  The offense only plays 11 players at a time!  Golden Tate was flanked by one of the best corners in the league all day (Darrell Revis) and so the Seahawks had to rely on some fortune in order to get the win.  With the injuries, and the way the defense has been playing the past couple of weeks, this is an average team.  It’s an 8-8 team.  They have lucked out by getting two teams on their schedule with their own injury issues.  The team right now, as of the last two games, is not a team that will win the Super Bowl.
However, the glass half full argument is that things are going to change.  Harvin, Okung, and Giacomini will be back.  Bowie, Lynch, Unger, and Carpenter should be ready to go next game.  I have faith that the defense is going to get things straightened out.  
The test of a Super Bowl quality team is not what they do in weeks 8 and 9.  The real test is what they are doing in weeks 15 and 16 and heading into the playoffs.  There is plenty of time to get this ship turned around and heading in the right direction. The fact they are still getting wins and are currently in first place in the NFC is a bonus.  They are going to finish strong.


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